Digital Content Production

Creating and directing digital content desing and production for your proyects! From video production to eLearning and inmersive content!

by Yosoypedro

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At BMO we focus our efforts not only in the devolpemnt and production process, we also love to get involve with with the project as a whole team. In our desing proces we all have great time innovating and devolping new ideas. Our projects are being used for differnt online media, projection, eLearing and inmmersive design projects.

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What we do

Video Production

Direction and video production (filming and editing). Chroma key productions. We produce for differnt media such as TV, Social Media, Mapping Projection, virtual reality etc.

Educational Content

We are passionte to desing and produce for educational porpuses and eLearning content such as courses, simulations.

Motion Graphics

Our added value is to mix video production with motion graphics in order to enrich our visual proposal. This makes our work unique!

360 Video

Inmersive content for virtual and augmented reality


Digital Content Designer and Video Producer

Pedro Méndez

Multimedia Designer and video Producer